Sunday, April 20, 2014

Income Disparity in India: The Dark Side of Growth

In 2008, the finance minister P. Chidambaram claimed that the Indian government’s policies were both pro-growth and pro-equality for alleviating the poverty plaguing the nation. The minister also mentioned a vision of achieving 85 percent of the population, nearly 600 million, eventually migrating to cities to have proper access to water, electricity, education, healthcare, and other basic human rights. Instead, the government has been participating in unconstitutional land takeovers, trampled the democratic rights of the majority, pursued nuclear energy, increased natural resource usage, and significantly increased air and water population under the disguise of growth that has simply added to …continue reading

3 Careers For Individuals Interested In Human Rights

The world has been altered entirely by the advent of the internet, and the ability to share information much more freely. Therefore, transparency is more common from governments as they realize that hiding things is no longer as easy as it used to be. However, human rights are still being violated all over the planet and if you need some assistance in finding a career in this path, then read on further. All three of these careers are reflected quite heavily within the human rights niche, and is a deeply rewarding job. Unfortunately, you will see some sights that are …continue reading

How to Get Into the International NGO Field

Since the International NGO world is immensely varied, the first step towards breaking into the field begins with figuring out your personal goals and the identifying the specific work that you are interested in pursuing. Conduct a personal assessment of your interests and skills by asking yourself questions about whether you are willing to build international work experience, possess the essential language skills, or are able to meet the challenges of NGO work. Then, search through the various opportunities available in the field by reading books, such as the American Society of International Law’s Careers in International Law, or researching …continue reading

Facts About Sweatshops

One of the most galling things about Western culture at the moment is the sense of entitlement. Many of us have government funding for support or hold down full-time jobs. The majority of Western countries have modern human rights laws and will help anybody who is in trouble or distress, within reason. The sense of entitlement leads many of us who have perfectly healthy, enjoyable lives to feel that we are the ones on the end of a hard time from fate. However, have you ever considered the conditions in other parts of the world? You may think you are …continue reading