Monday, October 23, 2017

3 Careers For Individuals Interested In Human Rights

The world has been altered entirely by the advent of the internet, and the ability to share information much more freely. Therefore, transparency is more common from governments as they realize that hiding things is no longer as easy as it used to be. However, human rights are still being violated all over the planet and if you need some assistance in finding a career in this path, then read on further.

All three of these careers are reflected quite heavily within the human rights niche, and is a deeply rewarding job. Unfortunately, you will see some sights that are hard to imagine or comprehend, but being able to shine a light on these big issues is an extremely relieving situation.

1. Photojournalist

Being able to travel as a photojournalist is a great way to see new sights, good or bad, and help get some attention for human rights violations across the globe. In fact, photojournalists have been a key factor in the recent problems in Syria and shining a light on the issues there.

However, they do not just need to concentrate on war torn environments – finding human rights issues is sadly very easy. At the moment, many photojournalists are finding inexcusable human rights violations in Qatar ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Soccer, and the good work done by these independent journalists – provided with photo evidence – is making the fight against these horrible actions much easier to manage.

2. Organization Work

There are many human rights companies from One World to Amnesty International, and they all concentrate on different parts of the human right situation. Some of these organizations look to get in there quickly and help, some look to provide support from afar, and some just look to shine a light on the horrible environments some people are involved in.

Whether you wish to be involved in the front lines, or would like to provide support to those in distress, then signing up for a human right organization is very important. You can find a brilliant list here.

3. Human Rights Law

If you have any experience or passion for law, then this could be an excellent career path. Human rights violations are being taken to court all the time, and finding the right way to deal with these horrible situations is very important. providing legal aid for those who are in distress is going to make things much easier for these people, and it lets you get your sleeves rolled up and really dig into the bigger problems facing human rights law.

It is an extremely niche field, but the validation a job like this creates is simply massive. Knowing that you are battling against other people and firms to help protect the rights and happiness of even just one person is a massively gratifying task.