Monday, October 23, 2017

A Guide For Sharing Food With Pets

A Guide For Sharing Food With Pets

When your dog is looking at you with this big, sad eyes, it can be so hard to say “no” and not share your food with him. In many instances, a quick bite of what you are eating is harmless, however, there are certain foods that are toxic to dogs and if your dog ingests these, serious health issues can result. It is important that you are aware of what these foods are so that you can keep them in a place where your dog cannot get to them. Make sure to keep a close eye when you are cooking with certain foods so that your dog does not sneak a piece.

Is it Okay for Owners to Share Chocolate with Their Dogs?

Dogs are curious creatures and there are times when they get into food that you do not intend to share with them. In some cases, this means chocolate and if your dog ingests enough of this sweet treat, it can be fatal because chocolate is toxic to dogs. So, the short answer is that you should never share chocolate with your dog. Be mindful of where you keep your chocolate and make sure that it is not anywhere you dog likes to play or get into things.

If your dog accidentally ingests chocolate, immediately determine the stability of your dog’s health and contact your veterinarian. Your dog should be evaluated regardless of how much he ate to help prevent any potentially serious effects. Most dogs will recover without issue as long as they quickly assessed and they promptly receive any necessary treatment.

Which Fruits Are Good for Dogs?

If you are considering feeding your dog a more natural diet, you have likely looked into the different fruits that are safe for your dog to eat. Many people ask about bananas, and this fruit is safe for dogs to eat in small portions. Just make sure that you fully remove the banana peel before feeding it to your dog.

There are other fruit options that your dogs may enjoy that are also safe. Make sure that you fully prepare these fruits before you give them to your dog to avoid choking and other issues. Remove all stems, skin, rinds, seeds and anything else that is not the meat of the fruit. You also want to wash the fruit thoroughly and the safe fruits include:

a)      Apples

b)      Blueberries

c)      Mangoes

d)     Pears

e)      Raspberries

f)       Watermelon

g)      Apricots

h)      Cantaloupe

i)        Oranges

j)        Pineapples

k)      Strawberries

Once you are aware of the foods that you can never give your dog, make sure that everyone in your family knows. For example, if you have children, they could accidentally give your dog chocolate or something else potentially harmful because they do not know about the food restrictions. Talk to your kids and put a list in the kitchen in a place where everyone can easily see it. This can help to prevent any accidental ingestion of chocolate and other foods that can cause serious health effects.

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