Monday, October 23, 2017


How to Save Money in Your Daily Routine

How to Save Money in Your Daily Routine

It’s hard to save money, even when you’re conscious about it. It’s the little things that add up over time that are easy to ignore in the present. When you look at these little things in a big perspective, though, it’s easy to see ways to save decent amounts of money in the long run, without sacrificing much Your Morning Coffee You’ve just run out of the house, maybe forgot your keys, are running late for work, but you will still get that coffee. Say that coffee is $3.50 and you get 4 coffees a week. That’s $14 per week, …continue reading

Don’t Let Your Child Become a Victim of Identity Fraud

Additionally, it is key to watching what your kid does online, as well. The Internet has become a place to steal the identity and you want to be sure your child doesn’t get caught in something such as this. Pay Attention One of the best ways to avoid your child being part of online fraudulent activity is simply by paying close attention to what your child does online. When possible watch your child when he or she is online and make note of any selling websites that is visited. Also, check the history of the child’s computer every day to …continue reading

Income Disparity in India: The Dark Side of Growth

In 2008, the finance minister P. Chidambaram claimed that the Indian government’s policies were both pro-growth and pro-equality for alleviating the poverty plaguing the nation. The minister also mentioned a vision of achieving 85 percent of the population, nearly 600 million, eventually migrating to cities to have proper access to water, electricity, education, healthcare, and other basic human rights. Instead, the government has been participating in unconstitutional land takeovers, trampled the democratic rights of the majority, pursued nuclear energy, increased natural resource usage, and significantly increased air and water population under the disguise of growth that has simply added to …continue reading