Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Save Money in Your Daily Routine

How to Save Money in Your Daily Routine

It’s hard to save money, even when you’re conscious about it. It’s the little things that add up over time that are easy to ignore in the present. When you look at these little things in a big perspective, though, it’s easy to see ways to save decent amounts of money in the long run, without sacrificing much

Your Morning Coffee

You’ve just run out of the house, maybe forgot your keys, are running late for work, but you will still get that coffee. Say that coffee is $3.50 and you get 4 coffees a week. That’s $14 per week, $56 a month and $644 a year (with two weeks of holiday subtracted). $644 a year! You can buy an espresso machine for home for less than $644. You can have the best espresso machine and still end up saving money in the long run. Say you buy an espresso machine for $400, and pay $20 for a bag of coffee a month. That’s $53 a month, but only for the first year! Then it’s just the coffee. It’s really a no-brainer way to save money.

Even further, consider buying coffee on special. If a brand you like is on sale one week, stock up! Take advantage of the discount and buy in bulk.

Drinking in Bars

While not necessarily daily, the same logic applies to drinking alcohol at bars or in restaurants. There is a markup, for obvious reasons, on booze in establishments. Not to say you shouldn’t be social, but consider what you’re paying for a go for value – quality relative to price. There are some things that you would never buy a bottle of for yourself, so the extra price is worth it, but for the standard vodka soda you’re really losing out on money.

An even better option is to invite friends over! Who knew you could still do that? It’s such a novelty now, but it’s an awesome way to save money and still be social. Make it BYOB and you’ll have a killer money-saving time.

Start a Change Jar

If you purchase anything in cash throughout the day, keep the change. Consider the rounded up amount to be a sort of “savings plan” and throw it in a jar. You would be surprised at how easy it is to accumulate a few hundred dollars this way. The best part is that it can just sit there until it’s full or you’re ready to cash it in for whatever you’ve been saving for.

If you implement these three small changes into your routine you’ll be racking up the savings in no time. Maybe it’s time for a vacation, after all.

How to Save Money in Your Daily Routine Credit Picture License: Isaac Torrontera via photopin cc