Monday, October 23, 2017

Save Money By Making Your Own Dog Food

Save Money By Making Your Own Dog Food
Dog is man’s best friend. Therefore, shouldn’t you feed him like it? Sure, there are those fortified dried foods, but would any dog prefer that over a delicious, home-cooked meal? Definitely not.

Sadly, a lot of people must hold back on buying these fancier dog foods because of their cost—after all, you can buy a huge bag of dried food and count on it to last for a while, or you can fill your pantry and your fridge with canned food that won’t last anywhere near as long. Over time, the cost of buying all that canned food adds up. Just imagine if you had some way of providing your dog with constant fresh food without the cost…

Fortunately for you (and your dog) this is quite doable. You can make your own dog food! With the help of a food processor and a rice cooker, you will be able to prepare different mealsyour dog is sure to love. This is great if you’re living on a tighter budget—a little can go a long way, especially if you choose to keep it balanced with dry food.

First, what makes good dog food? The number one requirement is protein. Dogs need a constant source of protein. Therefore, any recipe you choose to follow must include meat. Chicken and beef are the most common, but others can be used. If the recipe uses mostly rice, you can still feed that to your dog—just make sure you mix it in with his protein-filled kibble, or mix it in with a meatier recipe. This is a great way to liven up his dry food. It will encourage him to pay more attention to his bowl and less attention to whatever it is your family is having for dinner. You’ll also want to make sure he gets starch. That’s why mixing rice with meat is a common route many dog owners take. Lastly, he needs to eat his veggies! Carrots, celery, broccoli, and potatoes are usual choices. You’ll want to make sure the amount of starch he’s getting equals the amount of vegetables, but the meat should be the primary ingredient.

Next, browse recipes! There are many available online that you can make easily with your food processorand your rice cooker (or just the processor, if you choose not to include rice). Here is a great place to start! Remember to pay attention to the recipe’s instructions, as some will require cooling first while others can be fed to your dog as soon as they’re prepared.

Should you choose to start preparing your own dog food, your dog is sure to thank you. After all, dogs absolutely love to eat—particularly food that doesn’t belong to them! If you give your dog a home-cooked meal, you just might trick him into thinking you’ve given him your own dinner!

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